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Sigurd's Occularum - click for larger viewA dress helmet - not suitable for SCA combat - made to wear for Twelfth Night AS XXXVII. Based on the Gjermundbu Viking helmet - 9th century. This is a spangenhelm, made of four overlapping main plates with bands riveted over the joins, a band around the brow and face guard/nasal.

Completed November 2003

Bascinet with aventailBascinet

This bascinet has a centre hinged visor and aventail.

Completed Nov 2001

Pig face visored Bascinet

This helm is very similar to the one above except that it is fitted with a period style pig-face visor which hinges at the sides rather than at centre top. Its owner intended to add aventail and decorative brass edgings.

Completed Nov 2001

Pig Face Bascinet, right side view Pig Face Bascinet, left side view

A Norman style Helmet with a maille aventail

Completed 2000

Norman Helm

Viking style Helmet

1. Before the addition of leather over the back plate

2. Completed with addition of leather mantle and worn by its owner, Lord Ulfrickr

Completed 2000

Viking ocularum style helmLord Ulfrickr in the completed helm