Medieval Knives & Daggers

These knives are shown roughly in reverse order of creation/completion (most recent first).

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Ebony handle and brass fittings. Completed February 2007.

Ebony handled dagger

Pair of Seaxes

Two small women's seaxes both with horn handles. November 2006.

Pair of women's seaxes

Eating knives

Burl handle and fish tail. January 2006

Eatng knife with burl handle

Bone handle and fish tail. January 2006

Bone handled eating knife


Another big seax with antler handle. This one is made with antique steel which gives the blade steel its unique look. January 2006.

Seax - November 2003  - click for enlargement


A large Dirk made with a spectacular piece of antler provided by the owner for the handle. Completed August 2004.

Dirk - click for enlargement

14th Century Knife

A small late 14th century table knife. The nickel in the blade gives it a very shiny appearance. Completed August 2004.

Late 14th century small knife - click for enlargement

Woman's Small Seax

This is a small seax made for Baroness Sinech. It has an antler handle with a green stone set in the butt end. Completed November 2003

Sinech's Seax's Blade - click for close-upSinech's Seax Sheathed - click for enlargementSinech's Seax's Handle and Butt - click for enlargementSinech's Seax with scabbard - click for enlargement

Seax with an antler handle

Another seax with an antler handle and brass butt-cap and with its brass and fitted leather scabbard.These seaxes are designed to be hung horizontally from a belt from the two rings on the scabbard. Completed October 2000.

SaexThumb.jpg (3429 bytes) Seax 2 with Scabbard

Integral bolster 'steak' knife

Integral bolster 'steak' knife with burl handleWe call this the steak knife because its what we use at feasts. It has also seen a lot of use as a general purpose knife in the kitchen and at SCA events. It has a gorgeous burl wood handle and measures 277mm to the tip.

Seax with an antler handle

This piece measures 14" / 355mm long.

Completed August 1999

Large SeaxNick holding the Seax

Ballock Dagger

Here's another ballock dagger - this time with brass fittings.

Ballock Dagger with brass fittings

Ballock Dagger

Shown here with its scabbard, this dagger had silver fittings.

Ballock Dagger with silver fittings