These damascus steel swords are shown roughly in reverse order of creation/completion (most recent first).

14th Century Sword

Another commission this sword is a slightly earlier style. The pommel is damascus with a brass plate and the quillions are also damascus steel. Completed May 2007.

Matt's sword

Two 15th C Swords

This sword is based on an example in the Wallace Collection identified as being French or Italian of around 1460. It was a joint project made with two friends, Jason and Peter. They made a second similar sword from the same billet for another friend, Bob which was completed in January 2005. Both have buffalo horn grips and brass fittings.

Bob's sword: completed January 2005

Bob's sword

Peter's sword: completed September 2004

Sword - click for enlargement

Miniature Viking Sword

A miniature Viking sword - about 300mm long. This piece has a wrapped edge and finely filed decoration on the butt and guard. This was made as a gift for a friend in Australia.

Completed April 1997

Agro's mini-Viking sword