Hammer rack

With the new hammer roughly in its final position Nick wanted to get rid of the old hammer rack so he and Jason made this one which is bolted to the wall. As you can see there is a bit more space. There are about 50 hammers now so this is a good thing.

Hammer Rack

The hammer rack

Hammer Rack

Closer view

Hammer Rack close-up

Close-up of the wall attachment

Hammer Rack

Long view

The Anderson Hammer

Here's the Anderson shortly after its arrival

The new Anderson hammer Nick and hammer

The first thing that they have to do is make a big enough hole for the foundations for the hammer (this is so that it doesn't break our windows).

Start of the hole

The hole gets deeper

Finished hole

The hole begins Nick in the hole The completed hole
Hammer Base Hammer finally in place The hammer's base
The hammer needs a base to sit on - this will help absorb some of the impact The hammer is finally in place and ready to run
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The hammer is bolted to the wooden base
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Old Workshop Photos

Below is Nick hard at work in left hand corner of his workshop. On the left is the old power hammer and on the right is the gas forge. He built both of these himself. Right behind him is the old tong rack. In the opposite corner stands the grinder.

The gas forge Nick in his workshop Grinder
Gas forge Power hammer, anvil and gas forge Grinder