Canterbury Faire 2005

Well, this is my last day at work before going to Canterbury Faire. It should be a great event, although there are rumours of rain, but that should simply keep the temperature down. After much consideration I have decided to enter the Tailor’s Guild competition for camp costume, having just completed a new kirtle which I am very happy with. It’s based on the same pattern as last year’s one but its dark green fine wool lined with rose-pink linen and it fits really nicely.

I’m also speed-sewing a new linen chemise as I have lent one of mine to Tess who’s coming up for a day and I was about due a new one. Linen was really hard to find at a decent price and I ended up paying $12.50 /m at Global – but its really nice linen and will wear magnificently.

So we get to spend tomorrow cooking and sewing and packing and then off bright and early on Friday. Still have heaps to do as usual so I’d better get on with it…