No Ding Dong here

So, its May already and our trip is fast creeping up on me. But the big news is that we’re getting married. On Tuesday – yes this coming Tuesday at 11.00 at the regsitry office here in Christchurch.

Oddly enough whenever I tell someone that I’m getting married they want to know when the wedding is. There will be NO WEDDING. But when we get back we’re going to organise a party. I’m calling it a celebration of us. I’m hoping to have it at Nick’s Mum’s place in Tuahiwi, probably in October or November when nights are getting a bit warmer so that we can put up a marquee and have it outside.

I really don’t know why people expect us to do the whole stupid (not to mention hideously expensive) wedding thing when we’ve been together for 15 years already.

Anyway, thats it for now. Apart from that we’re deep in trip preparation – Chris organised a great deal for us on some pack and sleeping bags so now its just a matter of making a few more bookings and we’re good to go.

Oh, and we’re looking at land at the moment – 10 acres (4 ha) somewhere close where we can build a small castle and have some horses. We thought that we’d found the perfect spot but the guy put so many restrictions on it we figured that he wasn’t going to be a very good neighbour so we flagged it. We’ll start looking for real when we get back.

And I’ve started making my version of Elizabeth’s Robes of Estate – more infomration on my web site. I’m dtafting the bodice right now – I was going to base it on my doublet but that has a curved front and this has to be straight so I’m using Alcega #3 (f14) and the instructions for drafting a period doublet from the collegium class that I did last year in Caid. This is a good incentive to actually finish that pattern.