Restaurant review

A couple of restaurant reviews today ‘cos as Jules says “you eat out all the time”. Not true of course but wouldn’t it be nice.

First up – Indochine

Indochine has been one of my favourite restaurants for a while so I was thrilled when they managed to squeeze Nick and Me in on the night of our wedding at very short notice and I was not disappointed. Here’s what I had:
cocktail: baghdad iced tea – lovely fresh cucumber and minty flavours
starter: shared a plate of sesame flatbread with a sweetish sate dip. I really like the flat bread as a starter because its not as bready as most bread starters and therefore doesn’t threaten to fill you up.
dim sum: shared a dish of salt and pepper squid. Tender and moist and in a very light batter this was just perfect
main: pressed duck with mandarin sauce on a bed of wilted spinach and bean sprouts with a side of asian vegetables in oyster sauce. The duck was fully boned and had a lovely crispy skin adn the mandarin sauce was a little sweet and sour which contrasted wonderfully with the vegetables which were savoury and a bit salty.
dessert: chocolate tart with vanilla sauce – a description which doesn’t do justice to the incredibly light, soft and richly chocolaty tart which is served slightly warm which enhances the flavour. Its just heavenly. I think that this is the best dessert I’ve ever had.


Rotherams is a much more formal dining experience and the food is more traditional European than indochine but its just as good – just different (and a tad more expensive). This would be a great place to go for that special event.
The feta tart was a lovely start to the dinner as it was light and had excellent feta and lots of mesclun although it was a bit tricky to get the pastry to stay put on my fork. Then I had the salmon steak which came with 3 large scallops and on a bed of spinach again (in season I guess) – all cooked just right with nicely done vegetables on the side. For dessert I had the rum and raisin cheesecake which was wonderfully light for a cheesecake, and suitably rich. At Rotherams the food was great and the service outstanding – a real counterpoint to the seriously under-par showing at Michaels a couple of weeks ago (but we won’t go into that).