House planning

Well we’re making headway on the big house plans – a few things have slipped into place over the last few weeks.

Firstly the commercial property that I share interest in with my sisters has been sold and we should see the balance from it pretty much the same times as Nick and I get back from our trip. That with the money in our savings account should cover most of the land and then we get to mortgage both properties to pay for the building.

We’ve seen a couple of properties that we like. One is in an area which will require a very deep well which is a bit more expensive – like $20,000 but its gently rolling land and square which means that we can situate the house quite centrally and plant so that its very private. And its on a sealed road – off, but not far from a main highway. So the travel time in and out of Christchurch is fairly short.

Nick has, just this morning, spoken to an architect who is very keen. Keen-ness is essential to me because what we want to do is a bit unusual so we don’t want someone who is going to be trying to force us into a modern style house (although we do want a modern house – in medieval style) and watering down our vision.

Anyway its all good progress. Probably nothing real will happen until we’re back from the trip but its great to see stuff happening – I do feel a little like Nick is taking all the burden of it though.

And great progress is taking place at home with the backyard – Rob is really pulling finger now which is great. Now that my arm seems to be getting better (the boxing last night has really helped – go figure) I can get on with the hallway. I would like it to be all painted before we leave but that should be easy – there’s 1/2 a coat of the plaster sealer to go on and the two coats of paint won’t take long to apply.

anyway – back to work…