Land Offer In

Well, what a busy weekend we have had. We has spent Thursday evening with Nick’s Dad putting together an offer for this 10 acre block in West Melton – thats about 15-20 minutes from Christchurch. We had to wait to Sunday to actually get the offer to the vendors so we spent Saturday doing stuff at home and then checking out wood burners and kitchen appliances.

I finished sealing the hallway after the plastering and then on Sunday I managed to get two coats of the paint (‘drought’ from resene) on so that’s pretty much done. I just need to take the tape off from around the doors. Its great to get that done – I think that I want to replace the horrid pick frilly lampshades, and then once the floors are polished we’re all done.

Anyway – the land… We picked up Nick’s Mum Suzie from her work in Hornby and headed out. The couple selling the land were really nice and we got to have a good look around this time which was great as last time all we did was look over the gate. Its got more of a rise on it than I expected and standing on the highest point we had fabulous views – maybe the tower will go there.

When we got back to the house there was time for a chat and I casually dropped about the Viking sailing course and we got talking about historical interests and Mrs ? then jokingly said how she’d always wanted to build a wee castle in her rose garden. Well… as you can imagine that was our in … we had brought Nick’s sketch because they have to approve the house plans and we were hoping to get them to sign off on the concept before we were committed to the purchase. Anyway they, especially she, were very enthusiastic – so huge relief on my part.

So assuming that the legalities all check out – and a wee bit more negotiation on the fine points of price and conditions – we should have 10 acres when we get back from the trip (settlement date is two days after we get back). YAY