Well – just one sleep to go and my head feels like its caving in. never mind… for all those enquiring minds here is a rough itinerary:

Saturday 28 May
– leave NZ on a flight going through Singapore and Copenhagen at which point Nick and I split up and he goes to Stuttgart and I go to London
Sunday 29th May – after about 36 hours of travel time we arrive in our respective ports of destination – probably knackered
Min in London sightseeing and staying at the Youth Hostel – an adventure in itself. I’m hoping to get to the V & A, Museum of London (even though the bits that I’m most interested in are closed), and possibly if I’m feeling adventurous a day trip out to Kenilworth castle in Warwick.

Friday 3rd June am – I meet Nick in Stuttgart
Saturday 4th – get a rental car and tootle south to Ulm where we’ll stay with Chris. Chris was an engineering student when he came to NZ and worked with Nick for work experience/OE
Monday – take car and drive to Koblenz which we’ll use as a base to visit Cologne and Aachen and castles etc – Mark says to check out Strasbourg on the way past.

Friday 10th or maybe Saturday 11th go to Amsterdam where we’re staying with my cousin Stefan or Uncle Pieter we’re not quite sure yet. We’ll use Amsterdam as a base to explore the Netherlands for the week or maybe a bit less so that by

Sunday 19th we arrive at Roskilde where we’ll stay at the youth hostel while doing the Viking Ship Museum sailing course over the following week.

Saturday 25th (and my birthday) we’ll shift to Copenhagen for the night and then on to Aarhus where I’m checking out the library for work for a couple of days
Wednesday 29th – leave from Copenhagen and getting back to NZ on Friday 1st July.