Sorry my last post was so short – this one will be a bit better.

So yesterday (Monday) was spent mostly at the V&A museum. I got there in time for opening despite getting on a train going in the wrong direction and stayed until about 4.30. Like every other museum in Europe, apparently, its under a bit of work at the moment so there were sme things missing but still plenty to enjoy. Lots of stuff that I’d seen pictures of but just so much more. Just about when I was wanting lunch I found the textile archive room… so that took me about an hour and half. So much stuff – all behind glass in heavy frames – but you can pull them out and you’re allowed to photograph anything you like.

Aside re: batteries. The fast charge batteries that Nick got are magnificant – Its the end of Tuesday and I’m still on the first pair so I don’t expect that I’ll ahve to recharge any of them.

I got back to the hostel kind of hungry… food is SO expensive here. At the V&A I paid £1.50 for a bottle of coke that in NZ would be $1.95.

I’ve found a great little coffee shop for breakfasts though – they do great espresso and this morning (Tuesday) I had breakfast there too: greek yougurt with runny honey and museli on the top. The combination of the tart yogurt and the sweet honey is amazing.

Tuesday – went this morning to the Tower. That was cool – probably even cooler if you know nothing… the gloss has kind of gone off trying on maille and armour. But the buildings themsleves are amazing. Heaps of people of course – actually London seems to be mostly full of Americans. I didn’t bother with the jewels – the line was too long and they’re not a big deal for me. Then I wandered around for a bit – over the bridge – and discovered a Fashion and Textile museum which had a fabulous exhibition. Finally I got another train to Piccadily and mistakenly went to a movie. Don’t ever do this… movie tickets here are $11.50 – thats around $40 – for a movie. It was good tho’ – Kingdom of Heaven.

Anyway I’m back at the hostel now – paying through the nose for internet access. Buting I’m getting used to the idea of paying heaps for everything.

I love walking up to the hostel – the laundry window is right on the street and so it smells of drying towels – you know that warm scent – yummy.

anyway – Min over and out for today.