Galleries and sore feet

Crap – I had this post almost done and the terminal timed-out and reset – but didn’t as I still have 14 minutes – weird.

Anyway – again…

Yesterday I went to the British Museum, Portrait Gallery and National Gallery and my feet are aching. But on the up side I didn’t get rained on – much. I have finally worked out the tube system and now have a 3 day pass so I don’t have to worry about working out how much to pay each time.

I’ve decided just to go to the bits of things that interest me. So at the BM I went through all the post-Roman to 1600 stuff and skipped all of the prehistoric, Egyptian etc. Which was good. I took heaps of photos there – unfortunately you’re not allowed to take any at the art galleries but I’ve also been taking notes about things.

One thing that I noticed is that lots of things are bigger, or smaller than I had expected.

Crowds haven’t been too bad – the only time that I have had to wait was in front of the Arnolfini wedding portrait where some tour guide was going on – and I couldn’t even listen in as he was speaking in Dutch (I think?).

Anyway – my time is ticking on and the noise in here is getting extreme TV plus people trying to talk over it… the only working interenet terminals are in the smoking lounge which also has the TV – so I haven’t been watching TV apart from the first night.