Germany – first days

Nick met me at the airport and after the normal pleasantries we attempted to get back to the hotel by train. This should have been straight forward, and we were very nearly there when the driver made an announcement and everyone got off – only we didn’t notice because we were catching up. Then we ended up somewhere we weren’t supposed to be… twice.

But we got there eventually and then Nick introduced me to the local pub where he and the others had already become `regulars´. I met all the other regulars and had a wonderful greek salad as this was a Greek-German pub – ouzo came after dinner but I had vodka instead. There was a big greek wedding dinner in the main room and we spent the evening chatting to an english speaking german about various things, plus a beer or two of course.

The next morning we picked up a car. A few things had changed since Nick had arranged for the car the previous day. It had turned from a Polo into a A150 A series mercedes, which we thought would be good but which Nick constantly complains about… AND it had gone from being free to drop off anywhere in Europe to costing an extra 400´euro.

Anyway it has gotten us around – first we went to Ulm where we climbed the Dom – over 700 steps and the highest steeple anywhere. We stayed in Ulm with a friend Chris who then took us to a great beer garden where we had wonderful pork with little noodles and more beer. On Sunday we went to the Lake of Constance and our first German castle (and the best) – Meersburg (?). Lots and lots of photos of that one. Its in a gorgeous little town on the lake and we took bread, cheese and meats and had a wee picnic which is becoming our standard way of doing lunch.