Bye bye to Germany

Well we spent three days poodling around Germany before going to Denmark because we knew that Denmark would be expensive. We checked out one of the castles near Munster- it was OK – quite neat on the outside but very museumy on the inside.

We had picked up a Europcar in Munster and they told us that the best place to drop it back near Denmark – there are huge costs to taking a car between couontries – would be Kiel. So we went to Lubeck for a night because someone had told Nick that it was really nice, and then off to Kiel.

Only problem was that we didn’t have a booking in Kiel and it was the first night of the week long Kiel festival. So we ended up at a very expensive hotel. And then we found out that to get to Denmark by train we had to go back to Lubeck!! But the festival opening was fun – lots of food and beer tents all around the harbour and rides etc – a real festival atmoosphere with loads of drunk teens…

Then back on the train and back through Lubeck, on the ferry and up to Roskilde where the Viking ship museum is.