Roskilde arrival

We arrived in Roskilde about an hour late because of a wee train mix up and got checked into our youth hostel room which was way nicer than many of the hotel rooms that we’d had along the way – bigger than the Ibis rooms and with its own bathroom and toilet. The only drawback is that its two single beds and no way to join them. Actually many of the hotel doubles are actually two singles placed side by side which is a bit annoying when one wants to snuggle, but never mind. And we had the room to ourselves which was great.

First thing we thought we’d have a walk around and we came to the area at the museum where they have bays for hands-on stuff and there we found the Scandanavian Knife Makers Association having their winding down of their annual conference which they’d been having for the past three days at the museum. As you can imagine we were kicking ourselves – it would have been so much better and cheaper to have gone direct from Amsterdam to Roskilde and Nick could have hung out with knife makers for three days. Never mind.

Roskilde is in a lovely bay of the fjord. The Museum complex has the actual museum where the ships are housed, an open air area with shelters where you can see people making things and make things yourselves – they have a smith there and you can paint your own viking shield or make strings of beads (I bought a very cool wolf-fur trimmed hand-made felt hat). Then there is the museum harbour where their reproduiction Viking ships and other replicas and early ships are, and the yard where they build the ships. Finally there is the workshop where they do the conservation of the ships and an education building. Pretty much all of it was open to museum visitors and of course as we were doing the course we had free access to everything.