Land of winter

Well we’re back in the land of winter. Yes that was a bit of a shock after the lovely warm summer of Europe – even though it rarely got stinking hot where we were as we kind of headed north gradually. However our tans are rapidly receding in the Canterbury winter.

Four days after we got back we settled on our new 10 acre (4 hectare) property just past West Melton. Its on Sandy Knolls Rd – the second section on the left after Finlays Rd as you head down from the West Coast Rd. At right is the GIS aerial photograph of the site – you can’t see much but there is a bit of a rise near the centre which is where we plan to build.

The GIS mapAnyway – yesterday we went and saw the architect with our castle books and Nick’s rough sketch and room size estimates and planning is all underway. He reckons that it normally takes about a year to go through the whole process – just getting the building consent takes 3 months and we can’t start any construction until then. So we’re probably looking at moving in next winter or even Spring 2006 if there are delays.

There are plenty of things that we can do before then. We have a rough idea where the house will be located on the site so we can begin to plan the general property a bit. First up is getting the power and well in and then we want to double fence the boundaries and plant a border / wind break so there is plenty to do. I have lots of books out on medieval gardens and our new neighbour has already researched medieval rose for me – she’s very much into roses and has a fabulous garden just over the fence from us.