Wow – what a weekend. It actually got hot, and its not spring for another month and a half at least. I got heaps of gardening done at home – there’s lots of bulbs popping up and its quite a good time to go around and ID a few things that we might like to take with us. When the kowhai starts popping up seedlings as it does every year we’ll pot some up to relocate.

Nick went out on Saturday to the new place and met Nathan and Haley (very old friends of his) – Nathan is a fencer (not the swishy-pokey type) and is going to help us out with doing the fencing which is fantastic. I think that the plan is that he will come out on a weekend and he and Nick will do it. I offered to help but Nick reckons that there’s not much that I could help with. I’m to sort out what tree we need. Once those fences are in we can look at planting trees on the boundaries.

He also met the well guy there and they’ve agreed a good spot to put the well and power etc so that will happen one of these weeks.