Kung Fu and Ballet

Well, the international film festival started last week in Christchurch and my colleague Paul had a couple of free tickets to the opening which he couldn’t use so Nick and I went along. The movie was Kung Fu Hustle and we really enjoyed it. For a start its hysterically funny at times and combines a weird array of film styles. It opens a bit like a cross between Bugsy Malone and the 90s film version of Romeo and Juliet – loads of black suited mobsters dancing with axes – I was a bit worried that they were going to start singing but thankfully they didn’t. Then later there are scenes like something out of a cartoon – Rodger Rabbit or even Wily Coyote and Roadrunner. Then later it gets down to being a real Kung Fu movie with big action scenes like in Hero or Crouching Tiger. Anyway, if you enjoy martial arts movies at all I think that you’ll enjoy it.

And then on Friday night we went to the New Zealand Ballet’s performance of Dracula. I had seen this before when they first did it and thought that it was amazing. Seeing it a second time didn’t disappoint. What I love about their performances is that there’s always stuff going on in the background – the rest of the dancers don’t just stop and wait for the front action to finsh so that they can do their bit. And the spectacle element is always amazing. I do think that it helps to know the story a bit first though.
After, we went to Strawberry faire for dessert and I had a super-rich cherry chocolate terrine type thing. Probably why I felt a bit crap the next morning.