Plantings for West Melton

One of the guys at my work knows a guy who’s very knowledgeable about native plants in Canterbury and he’s kindly made me a list of appropriate plants for re-treeing our place in West Melton.

  • Olearia odorata
  • Olearia paniculata
  • Olearia odenacarpa
  • Olearia bullata
  • Kowhai – sophora microphylla
  • Kowhai – sophora prostrata
  • Toetoe cortaderna richardii – not in a dry place
  • Matagouri – discaria toumatou
  • Hebe salicifolia – likes it a bit damp
  • Native broom – carmichaelia australis
  • Harakeke (NZ flax) – phormium tenax
  • Spaniards – Aciphylla subfabellata
  • Kanuka – Kunzea ericoides
  • Manuka – Leptopermum scoparium
  • Totara – lowland totara
  • Coprosma – propinqua
  • Coprosma – rubra (not too dry)
  • Coprosma – crassifolia
  • Corokia cotoneaster
  • Helichrysum – lancolatum
  • Cabbage tree – coryline australis (sorry but I hate cabbage trees – ok so maybe so long as I don’t have to mow around it)


  • Raoulia australis
  • Raoulia subserica


  • Festuca novae-zealandie (hard tussock) – for dry places
  • Poa laevis (silver tussock)

Isn’t that COOL. We’ve already got some of these in seed trays and more on order but this will definitely help us form the basis of our forest.