Time for a progress report.

Right now the big thing is putting the fences around the edges where we’re planting the shelter trees so that the animals don’t chew on them. Nick and Nathan spent most of last weekend ripping the boundaries (this breaks up the soil deep down for when we plant trees) and then putting in the fence posts. So this weekend (hopefully) they’ll get the wire up.

Also we have applied for the well consent – they sent us a nice letter to tell us that they’d received it (Nick took it in in person) and that we are in the queue.

Finally, on the house front we’re still getting quotes for all the bits. We also have to apply to all our neighbours for permission to have our roof a bit above the maximum height. As Nick has pointed out the height difference of the land is bigger than the extra height on the house so it will actually make a bigger difference where we put the house, so hopefully they’ll all be cool with that.