Quotes coming in

Well the quotes are coming in slowly – glacially in some cases. We’ve found a blocky who reckons that he’d charge us $2.50 per block to build the house but if we also contracted him to do the plastering he’d do us a special deal. Pretty good considering that some people reckoned it’d be twice that. And he came by personal recommendation – he’s just replastered Nathan’s house and Nathan says that he’s excellent. And we finally (Nick rang while I was writing this) have the quote for the blocks themselves – its quite steep but we will investigate options like using narrower ones for internal walls and maybe doing the workshop block in normal concrete block and using the render to disguise that. One of the primary reasons that we’re using the Hebel is that it has excellent insulating properties – not so important in the workshop.

We had a great chat with Mike our builder who is going to oversee operations for us and it all sounds good. Windows and doors are expensive but there are always options. We’re determind to use double-glazing though – although now that I think on it we can leave that out of the workshop too.

We are also now investigating getting clean air credits for planting forests under the Kyoto protocols. There’s not a whole lot of information out there yet as its just beginning to be an option. I suspect that you probably have to plant a lot of forest to make it work.

Other people are castle building too
These keen souls are building the real thing, in completely period way (including doing it all in costume) in France – Guedelon. I wonder what it is that makes us all so keen to abandon our modern lives – maybe they’re not all they’re cracked up to be?