Bunny hole & Pump shed

Today I have a few pictures for you.

We went out to West Melton AKA the farm AKA the block on Sunday… we really need to get a name for it. But it will come. Anyway the tank and pumpshed have been put in now (we will need to get power on before we have water though) so I took a picture of those for you. Also we actually saw the bunnies this time and I took a picture of their main hole. The grass all around it for about a 3m diameter was really eaten down. They are going to have to die eventually but right now we’re not worried.

We were out there to measure up and sort out where we’re going to put the house and we have made a definite decision about that which is really great because it means that we can start to plan the rest of the property and where appropriate put in fences and do any planting that won’t interfere with the building.