Heritage Week Muster

We actually had a real SCA event last weekend. It was supposed to be on Saturday which would have been a major pain because Bob and Rachael and Lachie stayed over on Friday night and then of course I normally ride at 11.00 and the tourney was supposed to start (well site open) at 11.00 so it was all going to be very tight. Except that it bucketed down so we had a leisurely Nick-made breakfast of pancakes, bananas, bacon and maple syrup instead – much more civilised.

Then once Bob and Rachael went I popped out and bought paint with which to finish the laundry, a matching lamp for the kitchen and used up a voucher at Spotlight. Even got the laundry door painted. So it was a very productive day.

Sunday was lovely and sunny and the tourney was very enjoyable although I didn’t do much more than sit around in the sun sewing a new water-proof hood and chatting to the odd person who came by. I had some Elderflower cordial that my sister Lu had given me and it was delicious. Must ask for more for Christmas. Anyway here are two more pictures – one of Sigurd (Nick) at the tourney and one of myself at home but in my Viking outfit with fluffy hat.