Paint it Black

Just popped into Farmers as one does on one’s lunch hour and they have 2, yes only TWO BLACK Christmas trees – how cool is that? Now of course they’re $160 – but what is that when compared to making me happy I ask you?

Hopefully Nick agrees.

Apparently they’re left over from last year and both are on display but I figure its the quick and the green around here. Oh, they also have all white ones which are nice, I guess, if you’re into white puffy clouds and angels etc.
To be honest I’ve never really been into fake Christmas trees. I’ve always thought that the smell was the most important part of the whole thing. But I’m willing to overcome that for a very styly tree. And next year we can buy a super-tall tree for in the hall and have the styley one in the kitchen area or entrance way.

Hey, and Halloween’s in a couple of weeks – a black tree would be cool for that too. Although we usually hide over Halloween. hmmm