A bit of skirt

Well, what an eventful weekend (and a bit). Where to start:

OK – Nick wouldn’t let me buy the black christmas tree. Poohie! But I popped in to a clothes shop at the mall when I was there to buy groceries and tried on a couple of skirts. With two weddings coming up in the next month, and hopefully a Christmas party or so, I thought that a nice skirt / top combination might be more flexible than buying another dress. So anyway the skirt is gorgeous and we’re not discussing the price. Now if only the weather would warm up a bit.

Also in family news we finally closed off the estate account etc with Mum’s lawyer. Pretty much anyone who has been involved knows how frustrating it has been working with this lawyer’s office and I am enormously relieved to finally be clear of her. Our accountant has advised me to hang onto a little of the cash but we’ll all be getting a significant payout in the next week, just in time for Christmas present shopping. There are still a couple of minor things to tidy up but the accountant is delaing with the tax bit and then we should be done.

Finally we’ve made a couple of bits of progress on the house. Nick went and talked to his timber mill friends and having macrocarpa floors will cost less than putting down terracotta tiles so we’ve going to go wood throughout which will be fabulous because its never as cold as tiles. Then on Sunday we went to the home show and made two important discoveries. First of all we’ve found the perfect trusses – they’re just beautiful – check out their web site. Secondly we had a long talk with Nick’s cousin’s workmate JT about solar water heating and heating throughout the house and he recommended ditching underfloor and going for radiators which seems very sensible.

We’re going to try for a jetmaster open fire. We’re in a position where we can have one – if they will give us a resource consent. Only it costs $1000 to apply. But we think that its worth it. Oh, and we’re going to do the garage – only on the end of the workshop so that it blocks the westerly a bit – turning the building into a reverse L shape rather than an I. We’ve decided to look at other block options because the Hebel is so expensive. Nick reckons we could save as much as $100,000 using a combination of concrete and hot-blocks (which are bascially insulated concrete blocks).