Glassy eyed

I’ve been thinking about glass a bit lately – mostly stained glass. It would be really neat to have some, maybe in the entrance area. I was thinking maybe either side of the entrance door, a quatrefoil window of stained glass with our SCA armoury in it maybe. Anyway with the help of localeye I have found the following local(ish) places:

Also Nick found an outfit, Future Connect, that does internal comms wiring setups so that we can get music/ access the computers etc right through the house.

Finally, we spent labour Weekend in Auckland with my sister Becky and her husband Philip and lovely daughters Vita and Isla. It was gorgeous watching Nick be all uncle-y and here is a piccy of him feeding Isla after we’d all been to the Zoo.

And here’s one of Vita at the Zoo – she’s learning her letters and the sign on the wall was irresistable.