Coming together

Well its all beginning to come together for us – still slowly but I’m definitely getting the feeling that we’re getting there. Nick has found a really good flooring option which is also one of the cheapest available and it will allow us to give the impression of a timbered ceiling.

We’ve moved the garage from being at the East end of the house to being attached to the north end of the workshop and we’re going to continue the arcade/cloister right around to the end of the garage so that we can walk around a covered area. This will be able to be walked on so the primary guest bedroom will have a door and will be able to walk right around the top to the garage roof. The garage roof will also be able to be walked out onto and the 1st floor of the workshop will have a door out onto it: this means that we can also easily walk from the 1st floor bedroom around to the 1st floor of the workshop without going downstairs. And the garage roof will be an ideal place for a small ballista or some-such.

On my current to-do list is contacting Selwyn Council and finding out what is required for neighbour’s consent to go above the 8m roof limit. Oh yeah, and the well now has pumps and pipes – next step: power.

In other news: had a fabulous Saturday evening to celebrate Kate and Ab’s commitment to ecah other. It had been a very hot day so the evening was lovely. And this weekend Nick and I are up to Furneaux Lodge for Matt and Michelle’s wedding. Still no progress on our celebratory party – it may have to be a 1st anniversary party at this rate. Sorry we’re so slack but we just seem to be busy all of the time.

Horse riding is going well. I’m taking Wednesday off work so that I can go with Becky and co to the zoo in the morning and I have arranged to go horse riding in the afternoon. On Saturday its always a lesson, which is fun but I’ve never had a chance just to go for a ride so Tess is going to show Jo (one of the people who ride with me) and me the way through Burwood Forest.