Not a bum steer

Sorry about the punny titles – they seem to be all that I can think of.

WOW – we had a full-on weekend. It started off pretty normal. I went off riding at 11.00 which was super-cool because Tess was there and while we were riding her brand new horse arrived (which was lucky because they hadn’t warned her to expect it). Anyway she (the new horse Kara) seems nice and Tess said that I could ride her for my lesson next week.

Then I got home and had lunch and Nick mentioned that maybe we could go down to Harvey Normans and look at an outdoors table set for our self-Christmas present. About half way down he said maybe we should stop on the way and look at a few 4 wheel drive cars because we’re going to need to upgarde the ford to one fairly soon. Of course we ended up taking a few for a drive and have found one that we really like – so no outdoors table set. The sales guys were pretty good and because we were going out to Oxford on Sunday to look at some cattle they said that we could keep it for the rest of the weekend to give it a real test drive. Currently its at our mechanics having a check. Its a wine red coloured Toyota Surf – 3L diesel and its really got a lot of go. Handles mostly like a car, although you can tell its a big thing going around the corners, AND its got a 5 CD changer.

Sunday morning we went to fighter’s practice and I fought too for the first time since I had that awful flu a few months ago. That was fun. And then we went out to Abberley Lodge to have a look at some cattle. Upon discussion we decided that we were probably better to get a few steers now of varying ages rather than spending all the money on heifers when we’re not even going to be there. We’ll buy some heifers and start breeding next year, closer to when we’re actually going to be living there. Anyway – Meet the Meat:

We bought four – one of each colour, and only the wee one has a name yet. He’s a dun and his name is Riley:


The next biggest is this cute black one

Then we have the red with the big straight horns

And finally the Brindle (his head is a bit obscured – I think that he’s camera shy) who doesn’t have horns. This one might get named housewarming party.

I thought that we might name them after some of our favourite whiskeys but Nick doesn’t seem keen on that idea.

They’re still at their original fold – we won’t bring them to our place until we have the power on as apparently they’re a bit naughty about fences that aren’t hot.