Merry Christmas catch up

Well Christmas is in full swing.

We had a hindin family pre-Christmas with dad and pamela and Kate and Abs all of whom are heading north for the silly season. Kate and Abs made us a fabulous scarecrow called Big John. Big John is currently propped against the wall in our back yard but I’m hoping that Nick will find some space for him in the vege garden until we’re ready to move.

Our plans for Christmas are very quiet: the tradictional bagel lunch at our place with Lu & Milton and Suzie and a friend of hers and then Nick & I get to share a private Christmas dinner for the first time ever. He’s going to try to get a crayfish but we’ll see. He brought home some very large gifts the other day and I had to lift one yesterday – its heavy and metalish – but he says that they’re not the real present. I am of course intrigued.

We’ve started contacting neighbours for permission to go above 8m on our roof and are 3 for 3 so far so its looking good. We don’t HAVE to have their permission but if we don’t its costs us a bit more as the council has to notify the resource consent etc – it probably takes longer too.

And we finally have a date for getting power: they’re doing it the week of the 9th of January – the first week back to work for most of us. So that’s great. Then we can run electric fences around and bring the boys (highland cattle – see posting below) home AND we can get irrigation put in and start planting.

Boxing Day we’re having a wee party at our place and I’ve been making lots of goodies for that. The wine and bubbly arrived yesterday and hopefully Nick will pick up the turkey today. He has a plan for BBQing it – sounds great.

Anyway – to all our friends out there – Merry Christmas and keep safe.