Post Christmas update

Happy New Year !!

Well, its been a pretty quiet Christmas for us which has been wonderful. Plenty of nice gifts, great food and bubbles. I was straight back to work on the Wednesday and have to go in this week on the Tuesday because we’re launching a new design for the library web site on Tuesday afternoon so its been flat out at work for the past month. But hopefully it will all go smoothly – we have a plan so it should be OK. Then there’s a couple of weeks worth of tidying to do and then I’m taking a couple of weeks off in February around Canterbury Faire.

Not much else to report. We’re still trying to track down the last couple of neighbours to get them to sign off on our roof height at West Melton.

And we’re finally finishing a few more things here in Aranui. I’m stripping and scraping our bedroom and repainting it in a lighter green and Nick has been waterblasting the bricks out the back in preparation for the sand/concrete mix that goes between them. Getting that all done would be great – we’ve also got some stones to go under the palm tree.

Anyway, that’s it for now…