Back to work

Not that I really took a break – didn’t even get all the statutory holidays as we came in on the Tuesday after New Year to launch the new library web site designs. Oh well, a bit of extra cash is nice and it should be time and a half on a holiday (hmm… must check my pay slip).

The room painting went well. Well actually I kept running out of things but I finally got it finished the following weekend. Well finished enough to move back in, which was a huge relief to us both as we discovered that the fold-out couch which our friends had assured us was very comfortable, in fact is diabolical. Possibly its OK for one night but we were there for five nights and were getting pretty tired and cranky by the end of it. Anyway, the room looks great – here’s a sample of the new colour (Hypnotic – Resene). The only thing left to do is oil the wood skirtings and beading and re-hang the mirrors etc.

Nick also got the back yard bricks all sanded – that is set with the sand/concrete mix so that they’re all set in properly now and it does look heaps better.

On the Sandy Knolls front we’re making progress – our nieghbours have all OK’d our roof height apart from the guy on the corner for whom we don’t have a mailing address so we’ll put that resource consent application in next week. Also the power guys are supposed to be putting the power on TODAY. Then we just need the electrician to go out and hook it up and we’ll have power to the pump and to the fences (once we’ve put in the fencing). That will allow us to

  1. bring the boyz home (our Highland cattle)
  2. put in the irrigation and then plant our boundaries

And once we have the resource consent from the council we can go back to the architect and start on the final plans – woohoo!!