Another expensive weekend

Well the guys DID come and put the power lines in on Friday so we’re one step closer. Hopefully the electrician will go out this week and actually hook it up. Then we have to arrange a contract with a supplier and next weekend we’ll go out and string up the wires and maybe even hook it up (I’m not sure what we need for that). Then we’ll be ready to bring our highlands home.

We went out with Richard and Tess and Chris on Saturday evening to Howl’s Moving Castle which was delightful. Anyway before hand we were checking some online listings for horses, in theory looking for me, when Nick’s eye settled on a Quarter horse stallion which goes by the name Argyle Major Dark Lad (names are more about bloodlines than what you actually call the animal). Anyway we went out to have a look at him on Sunday after fighter’s practice as he’s quite close and really liked him. He’s a big pussycat… very friendly and calm in the paddock and he quite happily let Nick get on and ride him about even though he’s been out of work for some seven years and is very FAT. Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed we bought him for Nick. And a very nice Western saddle which fits him and some other bits and peices. We forgot to take the camera so piccys will have to wait. We’ll keep him at Nick’s mum’s place and he will need a bit of work before he’s ready to be ridden as he needs to lose some weight and gain some fitness.

So now we’re really broke… apart from the big house savings of course but we’ve called on that a few too many times over the last couple of months that I’m going to have to put a stop to it or it will be a Lockwood home for us.