Fences are up

Well we went out together on Sunday and put up a single strand electric fence around the paddocks so just as soon as Willie finishes getting the power hooked up and we sign a contract with a supplier we’ll have live fences, and water. We will still have to run some pipe around for troughs but our neighbours are currently supplying water to a couple of troughs for Nathan’s cattle which are grazing there so we could bring our boys home before then.

Nick also did his mother’s pony paddock in preparation for his horse to go there. But theres some more fencing to do there before they’ll be ready to move him in.

But all in all we should have both our Highland cattle and Nick’s quarter horse in their respective homes before the end of February.

In other news – I’m on holiday for two weeks from next Monday 30th Jan. This is largely for preparations for Canterbury Faire which runs from from that Thursday through to the following Tuesday – and recuperation afterwards. So yay!! I haven’t had a proper holiday since we got back from our trip to Europe so its about time.