Canterbury Faire

Thursday – we got to our usual spot a bit in the early afternoon – it was a lovely day so we didn’t have to set up in the rain as last year so that was good. Angel and Killian helped us get the tents up which made it easy and we were comfortably set up by dinner time. I’d been fluey for the past week and so I had left the armour at home so it was good to have help with setting up.

Friday – at opening court I was called to vigil in preparation for elevation to the Order of the Laurel, the SCA’s peerage for arts. I knew that it was coming so I had worn my loose gown to court but afterwards I raced off and changed into a kirtle so that I could participate in Lord Peregrine’s swordplay class where he was teaching from the I33 manuscript. That was great fun, although I had to use Sigurd’s sword for it which is a bit big and heavy for me. I was going to borrow Callum’s sword that Sigurd and Tycho had made for him for the second class on Sunday but I was feeling pretty crappy by then and ended up sleeping through it.

That evening I sat vigil in our pavilion. We had erected a cloth wall half-way through the pavilion dividing it into a bedroom and sitting room in which I had the vigil: Sigurd was in charge of queue management and refreshments as we had beers and sparkling wine for guests. It was really nice to see lots of people – although most didn’t really have words of advice so much. Sigurd had good ones though “don’t be a dick”, apparently advice from Master Giles. The vigil was supposed to end at 12.00 midnight but I think that it was 2.30 before I actually got to bed.

Saturday – Saturday was quite nice which was a relief after the rain the previous evening and the guys all went off to fight while I went to two great classes on Elizabethan corsets and medieval mazes: must have a maze in the new place – maybe in lavender.

Around one the family showed up – it was really great that they all chose to come out and see my elevation: Dad and Pamela brought me a lovely little posy of honeysuckle, daisies, rosemary and more. And they brought a great lunch – way more than we had expected.

After lunch I suggested that they go down and check out the fencing tourney so that I could get changed for court. Court happened pretty much on time – my elevation was the second to last item – Rohesia’s elevation to Pelican was right after it which has an odd symmetry as we both got our first peerages on the same day almost ten years ago – weird huh? Anyway it was very nice. Sigurd gave me his laurel medallion and Mistress Morgwynna is sending me her fealty chain. The we had a great, if rapid, feast and got down to the serious business of trying to reduce our alcohol mountain.

Sunday – Three nights of drinking and late nights finally caught up with me and I started to feel a lot worse again. And it rained, and rained. They moved the Pas into the marquee and I sat and watched that for a while. While that was on Samantha and her Mum turned up. We had been talking to them the previous week about the SCA and Samantha had gone to fighter’s practice and was really keen. Pity the weather was so bad for them. Then after lunch the market was held in the hall and Sigurd sold one knife but still has the big seax for sale. We both got an early night that night as Sigurd was also feeling a bit off.

Monday – still feeling a bit crap – really didn’t do much at all – pottered around camp mostly but toddled down to watch the Sigurd fight in the war scenarios. There was only one class on today and it wasn’t something that interested me much. The day ended with the wrestling matches which was great fun to watch. Somehow I ended up sitting with all of the wrestlers – wahoo!!