Horsey of coursey

Well, its been livestock central for us for the past week.

Last Wednesday we went out and picked up Nick’s new horse and moved him to Nick’s Mum’s place where he will get a regular work-out. He was a bit tentative about the float but once he was on he was fine and it was no problem getting him out again. Nick led him around his new home for a few minutes until he relaxed a bit and then Mona got him some hay to munch on and within half an hour he looked pretty happy – apart from the rain as it was a miserable evening. We’re still tossing up what to call him: his real name is a mouthful and his previous owner called him Lad so I’m going with that for now but Nick seems to still want something else.

And then on Sunday we went out to our place at West Melton and met the Highland cattle. They leapt off the truck and ran around the paddocks with Nathan’s four cattle in hot pursuit: “look – new friends…”. But again within half an hour they’d all calmed down – apart from the horse next door that was still running around – nose in the air and tail flying high.

I’m trying out a horse called Oscar next Saturday. He sounds promising according to Thomas and Tess so we’ll see.