I can’t believe that its been a whole month since I last wrote something. But its a bit slow at work today so I figured I could squeeze a quick update in:

House: we finally got back to Mark the architect and he came over one evening about two weeks ago and we discussed the changes that we want. We’ve had to abandon the big workshop block due to costs and we’ll build a barn/workshop instead. Apart from the obvious cost advantage it means that we can probably get that up before starting on the house which will give the builders somewhere to store stuff, and us too. And we told him all about the various products that we’ve selected etc etc.

Anyway, sometime, soonish I hope, he’ll get back to us with the first draft of the final designs and we can begin to firm those up. We put in the resource consent application last week for the house to go over the height restriction. We’re hoping that it doesn’t have to be notified because we did get most of our neighbours to OK it in advance but there was one that we don’t have contact details for. If it has to be notified it will cost us more money.

So its going to be a long time before we’ll be building. The word out there is that Selwyn council is taking 6 – 8 months to process building consents and we haven’t even got the designs yet. Then we have to plan our sewerage system and other things before we can even put the plans in. And after that we wait…

Property: had a bit of a scare the other weekend when Nick went out and found all of the troughs dry so he had to take the Monday off and get the electricians out to finish up hooking the pumps up. So then we started supplying our water and then last weekend we went and picked up three big concrete troughs from Nick’s Aunt Sue who lives around the corner in West Melton. This weekend we hope to get them hooked up and give our neighbour his troughs and line back.

But the coos are looking good. Because Nathan’s lot are more used to people we can approach them quite close and while our ones ran away (they were all in a bunch together) while we stood there they got a bit braver and came back for a look.

Horses: Nick’s been working with Lad regularly. His feet have been done and now his teeth too and he’s going well. There’s a training day this weekend that they might go to. I have a looked at a couple of horses to buy: the first one bucked me off and I’ve had some trouble with my hands as a result. The second one was OK but still a little green. I’ve decided to leave it for now as I won’t be able to keep it at Nick’s Mum’s because her place is full and once winter kicks in it would be difficult to be going out after gym / work every evening. I’d probably only be able to ride it on weekends and most horses on the market need a bit more work than that.