Well – another month goes past and I finally make it back. I’ve not been very well, well, for a while actually, and the Drs finally have concluded that its chronic fatigue syndrome. So that certainly explains why I’ve been too tired to do much of anything for a while. Ran a feast for the SCA in late March and it really took two weeks to really start feeling barely OK again. Anyway, its easter this weekend go time for a good rest.

Haven’t been riding much – my hands are still a bit sore. I’ve been getting some physio for them and they are getting better but last time I went to riding school I kept hurting them again. Went riding with Nick’s Mum Suzie last weekend – just a ride through the woods by the beach. It was fun but my back muscles hurt like hell for the next two days.

And Jamie my trainer at the gym has moved so I have to break in a new guy. I’m going this evening but planning to take it very easy so that its not too bad tomorrow.

Good news on the house though – we have the first draft of the final plans back and they’re looking pretty good although Nick has a list of changes to make. We have also got the resource consent for the height back from the Selwyn council so that’s one hurdle crossed. The cattle have settled in well and we now have our own water troughs etc so we’re not dependent on our neighbour any more.

So that’s about it really – I haven’t had time or energy to take on any new projects and for Nick, well by the time he’s been out once to check the cattle, ridden both days and done fighter’s practice on Sunday morning his weekends are very full. With my health and grazing issues I am NOT currently looking for horses. Maybe if I’m feeling better by spring…