Soo, Not a heck of a lot has happened over the past month. I got a cold and while I only took one day off with it its made me even more tired that usual. Work is just madness at the moment. We lost Jules, our pulse editor, wow… it must have been February and so Donna and I have been doing as much as we can of that and now Donna is on jury duty for something like 3 weeks. In the mean time I have a few big jobs on which actually involve real design work so I am enjoying that a lot.

The cows are getting bigger. Nathan took two of his away a few weeks agao so its just ur four plus two now. Riley’s little nubben horns are now proper little horns and he’s still very cute (I’ll post some pictures soon). Because our paddocks are large they don’t need much moving around. We are hoping that we won’t have to feed them hay at all this year. Things might get trickier once we’re starting building but that is still a very long way off.

We had some bad news on that front last week. The architect is finding it difficult to find an engineer who will do the job because they don’t know whether the hebel block that we want to build out of is rated by BRANZ for going three floors. If it isn’t we’ll have to go to hot-blocks – insulated concrete blocks. The upside of that is that they are way cheaper and we’d be able to afford everything no problem. The downside is that they are less well insulated – but as Nick says, with what we save we’ll be able to buy a lot of wood. Anyway, we’re meeting with the architect on Friday to make some changes to the design and hopefully by then we’ll know more.

We are very very broke – its our first wedding anniversary tomorrow and we’re not doing anything and there’ll be no presents. So that sucks.