webstock day one

as I write this I am very aware that I am probably not the only person writing about this conference. I’m in Wellington for the WebStock conference, thanks to work for sending me and Joan for putting me up at her place. They bundled me off with a pile of taxi vouchers and a brand new Dell laptop with wireless and hence I am able to write this post, check my gmail and work email (although I can’t seem to send anything from the CCC web outlook), and do my banking.

I arrived in Wellington on Saturday afternooon and Joan took me to see Mrs Henderson Presents which was lovely, and then to a bar/cafe where I was the only person not watching the Crusaders / Bulls game. On Sunday Joan made a fabulaour lunch and Matt, Michelle (who is very ill) and wee Hannah came over. After they had left we tootled into town to Te Papa and went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition. All that excitement stuffed me completely so I just sat around the house on Monday reading my book and dozing. Still, good resting for the onslaught.

All weekend was lovely but this morning it was raining household mammals so I was very glad to be able to call a taxi and not have to catch a bus or train. Except that traffic was crawling – all the way down the Ngaio Gorge. But I had allowed an hour so got there in good time. First person that I saw that I knew was Jennifer Geard (ex CCL and of course SCA) – and moments after I spotted Paul from McGovern Assoc who did our CCL web redesign – but I think that he was at a different conference also at the town hall.

At registration I picked up my satchel (pretty cool) and my supposedly large T-shirt (maybe in the Phillipines but more like a 12 if you ask me – I might try to swap for an XL tomorrow), plus assorted pamphlets etc and of course entry passes.

Doug Bowman’s workshop was great. No Fabulous. I have learnt so much just in the one day and I now have three things to try when I get back to work that I think will fix, or be better ways of doing stuff. By afternoon tea my head was spinning. By 4.00 I had a wee headache. Nevertheless the first thing that I wanted to do when I got back (after lighting the fire) was to try some stuff out on the copy of the MM pages that I brought up with me. Well maybe tomorrow…