Its 10.50 pm on Friday evening and I have just got home, well back to Joan’s place, after the last day/evening of Webstock. I can’t go to sleep – I just had to tell everyone, well, you anyway, how totally amazingly fabulous it all was. It set a standard all other conferences should strive to meet. I’m ready to book my ticket for next year, and yes, make that three cos kate and Abs really should come too.

Not only was the organisation just great: get this: free massages, pilates sessions, coffee/mocha/cappa/ whatever, ice-creams (lemon gin sounded pretty good) plus all the normal food which was pretty good (although – all Friday we could only get forks: mini-scones with jam & cream and forks? and dinner was served on teeny tiny plates: we decided that it was a test) All of the staff were just great – the conference staff, the tech support guy who charmingly explained that I couldn’t use the T3G card n my laptop to connect to the conference wireless and look my laptop had a wireless card built in, just click here, to the Town Hall wait staff who found me glasses and Lindauer. Oh yeah and a big ups to all 8 of the Wellington Combine Taxis who were polite, efficient, and on time as well as interesting.
Finally the band – WOW Odessa really rocked – I danced so much that I’m all sweaty and stayed way later than I had expected. Almost everyone who stayed danced and it was just great – even Russ’ kids danced – actually they got everyone started. I think that if Odesssa had kept playing I’d still be there.

And I met so many great people – Katherine from Reserve Bank, Shelley? The guys from Cabbage Tree, the IA guy in Holmewood Rd. All I can say – that was great. Who’s up for next yeah – oh yeah and watch out Russ. I might have to bring more librarians 😉