House update

So everyone keeps asking when we’re going to start building. To be honest and realistic, not for a long time yet. Here are the major things that have to be done
1. we have to finish the designs to the point where we’re happy with them. We are very close right now. Just really tidying up a few things like placement of windows. We had a wee problem with the stair windows cutting through the embattlements so they have to be smaller and probably a bit lower than might be normal. Also we’re losing one of the two kitchen french doors so that the bench can swing right around the north-east corner – we’ll put a window in there and two windows instead of the one in the east wall.
2. We have to get the plans engineered. This may involve going back to the design stage if there is too much to change for structural reasons.
3. We have to go through the entire costing exercise again to be sure that we can actually afford it. Good news on that front is that we were pretty close when we priced the original designs and we have dropped off the huge workshop end of the house. Also we just saw the bank today and given the expected value of the property we can probably borrow another $100,000 if we have to. Hopefully we can start costing stuff while the engineer is doing his bit.
4. At this point we should be ready to submit plans to the Selwyn Council…

then we hold our breath…

and hope there aren’t too many things that they want to change…

or actually any…
5. and with a bit of luck after 6 months we might actually get a building consent
6. then we have to hope that Mike Gillon our builder, and the blocky, etc are all ready to go and we can actually start building.
7. which is probably about when we start to think about putting out house on the market because somewhere before they’re finished we’ve going to need the rest of our money.
8. hopefully about 4-5 months after they start building they’ll be finished, the council will sign it off and we can move in.

So – I’m hoping we might be in by my birthday (the real one – Christmas) 2008.