House plans V 2.3

Well, before I post the new house designs I should add a follow-up to the last post. The Horse Ziggy is a no-go… no go on float that is. While he is a lovely horse he flatly refused to go on the float. I also had the opportunity to spend a lot more time around him and he has no manners on the ground at all. I suspect that is the main problem – in his mind he is in charge, not Michelle his owner who dotes on him a bit, and so she didn’t have enough influence on him to get him to overcome his reluctance to enter the float. If I had the time to establish a relationship with him I might be able to overcome that but I really don’t.

Anyway Nick tells me that his Mum is quite keen for me to take her new horse Lovejoy to dressage training. He’s a quarter horse – only three years old, but already 16hh and apparently she considers that too tall. As the 1/4 horse mare that we’re getting from Danielle is only 14.3 h Suzie may take to her better. So the current plan is that we buy a GP saddle for Lovejoy and I go around to corner either to a woman around there that does dressage training, or to the place that Tess rides at.

Updated house plans: these are the current plans minus a couple of details like an arched front door.
North & South

East & West