Boot Rave

I love my new Ariat Heritage Western boots – they fit like a glove and are super comfortable. But the best thing was how we got them…

About 3-4 weeks ago Nick and I journeyed to the Templeton Saddlery to get him a pair of boots to wear riding because the ones he’s been using are an expensive pair of dress western boots that Richard gave him and we didn’t want him to ruin them over the next year. He decided on the Ariat Ropers but they didn’t have his size. They said that they were getting another shipment in in about 2 weeks. So last week Nick rings them up and asks if they’re in yet – ‘Oh no’, he’s told ‘they won’t be in Australia for another week so it’ll be another three weeks’. So the two weeks had already turned into five or more.

So he figures maybe we’d look at buying them online from Sheplers (where his other boots come from). So last Friday he rings me at work – would I like to get a pair too because it won’t add much to the shipping cost. Ok, so we order both pairs – even with shipping his boots are cheaper than they’re going to be from the place in Templeton. We figured they’d take a week to ten days to get here.

On Tuesday Nick’s not feeling well and takes the day off – and the boots arrive!! That’s five days including the order day and the turn up day and over a weekend. Total cost around $450 NZ for both pairs of boots – cheaper than buying them here and so much faster. Why would we even bother buying them locally any more?