September update

Well lots of stuff is happening at the moment.

We’re getting pretty close on the plans although we had a bit of a bad moment a week ago when they sent us a letter claiming that they’d over-spent in terms of time on our project and wanted more money. They tried to suggest it was because we kept making changes but really the only changes that we’d asked for were to fix things that simply wouldn’t work – windows cutting through the crenellation for example. And often those things were things that they should have known about anyway so that’s hardly our fault. In fact we’ve been a bit disappointed with their lack of communication with the various manufacturers about the products (see post below regarding hebel for example). Anyway Nick rang and reminded them that we had a fixed price estimate – they’re legally allowed to charge 10% over that but that’s it. So now we’re all pretty motivated to get it finished which isn’t a bad thing.

after doing heaps of pricing and thinking over our options we have purchased a big container to use for on-site storage rather than build a barn. $3000 for the container vs $15000+ for a barn pretty much decided it. Should be planting soon too. Also at home we’ve finally put in our back lawn and the floors are being polyurethaned in October so its getting closer to being ready to sell.

the cattle are looking good and we’re beginning to think about buying a couple of heifers and another steer to ensure ongoing stock. Lad’s looking good too and we’re moving him to our place this weekend. Also he’s getting a girlfriend, a quarter horse mare who will give us our first foal. Nick has been busy taking photos of him for a web site which I have been designing in my breaks at work.

Cattle photos from May 2006

Riley and Ardbeg