Laddie has a lady

Well, Lad is finally at home in West Melton and the day after he arrived Zoe arrived too. They seem very happy together and Lad has been sure to assure us that he knows what a mare is for. So we’re now hoping for a very fine quarter horse foal next year :).

The week after they both arrived we went out and caught them and gave them both a good groom – Zoe was still very fluffy and heaps and heaps of hair floated downwind (towards where Nick was grooming Lad). We’ve been warned that she is a bit nervous so I was being very careful around her – she liked to have a good sniff of the brushes but mostly she was very good, especially considering that we’d tied her to the container door and whenever anyone goes inside it it echoes with a huge booming noise.

Nick tried to ride Lad but he got very upset when he couldn’t see Zoe so he only persisted for a few minutes. Then he took Zoe out (after removing his spurs as she’s very sensitive). He had her backing and doing sidepasses tolerably well considering that she hadn’t been ridden for a year and took her for a wee canter. Then, even though I was feeling pretty tired, I rode her for about ten minutes. I’m still a bit unsure about the neck-reining thing – seems so odd not to have any mouth contact but I guess I’ll get used to it. I am quite keen to do a bit of western riding but my main interest is still to get into medieval equestrian, whereas I think that Nick is more into the western.

We’ve had a couple of other people express interest in Lad’s services and I’m all go making the new website so that we can really begin marketing him. He is listed in the American Quarter Horse Association Stud book and stallions list.

Nick riding Zoe