Last weekend

On the weekend we went to the Small Farms Field Day at Rangiora show grounds and bumped into Harry and Beth from Abberley Fold who sold us our four steers. They’ve bought a huge section and are moving. Anyway had already decided to buy a couple of heifers this year with the intention of putting them to calf next year but Beth offered to sell us a couple of already in-calf heifers at the standard price!! So now we just have to decide on colours (I want one to be brindle like House) and pick a couple. And they’re happy to hold onto them until January so that’s good too. They also told us that they had found a place that will tan the hides in NZ. Nick and I agree that we may make as much on a hide as we do on the meat so that would be excellent – I can definitely see a market in the medievalist camp.

We also saw a guy with a portable cattle yard/ramp/head holdy thing which he rents for $60 a day. As we only need one a couple of times a day it may well be better for us to hire one when we need it rather than building a wooden one and being stuck with it. Nick is also musing about building a portable one – they’re just welded pipe so easy enough for him to make. He took a big load of stuff out on Saturday so there is beginning to be a bit of space in the garage for project work.

I spent Saturday running about trying to find materials for a few projects that I have on the go. I finally found some black wool gabardine at a reasonable price at Kutwell from which I intend to make a kirtle with removable sleeves much like my yellow one. Also I am making a new corset with the gorgeous blue silk that I bought of Sarah many years ago for which I required top-stitching thread as I am sewing the channels by hand (so don’t expect to see it for a while). And I bought enough embroidery thread to embroider the other end of the linen hand-towel that I’ve been working on since Canterbury Faire. I also must get on with sewing the wall panels for the sunshade for CF this year – we need something to stop the wind on the colder (or wetter) days.