Needles and incense

Still feeling pretty crap so yesterday I went along to the NZ College of Holistic Healing / Chinese Medicine and had some pins stuck in me (legs and abdomin). I have had accupuncture before so that didn’t worry me at all and in fact I only felt one of the going in. Felt a bit, and in one case a lot, more once she started wiggling them. She also held some burning mugwort (so not really incense) over the points until it got hot, and then onto the next point. Kept this up for about 15 – 20 minutes I guess. I’ve got some mugwort to use at home so that’s my homework for the next week (and Nick is supposed to help me).

Last night afterwards my legs felt quite sore – a kind of wee bone ache in various spots – and I felt a bit wobbly. Today my legs are not so much as sore as bits keep popping, OK its a bit sore. I’m going to the gym after work so it will be interesting.
And I remembered that I keep having major twitches down my left side. V odd and something to bring to my session next week.

Nick’s buying a western saddle that’s a bit larger than his one to fit my big butt so if I ever DO feel up to riding I can, without him having to stop riding Lad. But I really haven’t been feeling up to it thus far. Also need to buy a bridle. The expenses keep piling up – Christmas wish: saddlery warehouse vouchers?