ooh the guilt

Sorry for not updating for so long. So where to start?

Acupuncture a success
I kept going to the acupuncture until last week when the college closed over summer and its had remarkable results. I’ve been riding and almost back to pre-ME levels of activity (even considered trying to fight again). So noticeable has it been that having not had a session last Wednesday the lack was noticeable by the weekend and since about Saturday I’ve been feeling quite poorly so I am chasing a few places in central Chch to get back into it.

The saddle that Nick got is very nice and comfy for my big bum and I have ridden Lad a few times. Last time Nick and I got out some fencing standards and set them out for practicing bending around them in preparation for the Saracen heads game that is the basis for SCA equestrian authorisations.

No progress. Enough said. We are quite regularly discussing going with an off-the-shelf option from Stonewood or somewhere but the money already spent and the current state of the designs keeps us hanging on.

The last couple of weekends Nick and Nathan have been hard at it building cattle yards and bringing a fence around the first stage of the driveway which will create a compound around the area where the pump-shed, container and garden sheds are which will be very useful. We’ll be able to drive the car in without worrying about the cows being there, we can plant some trees along that section of the drive etc.
The weather has been so wet that we could have planted trees a couple of months ago but we still don’t have the irrigation ready so we haven’t. Of course as soon as we did plant anything we’d get a drought.

I’ve been working hard at my tapestry and it’s to the point where I have to spin and dye some more of the background colour so I have hauled the wheel out and have been doing the first proper spinning that I’ve done for some time. Its such a great process – I’m really enjoying it. And hopefully when I’m done I’ll get Lila over for some dyeing which we haven’t done any of for a while.
I’m also working on a new corset of blue silk. I am hand stitching all of the channels in a paler blue. I have just about finished the first of three panels (although one of the is much smaller). The corset is based on the one from Elizabeth 1st’s effigy which I patterned during the Elizabethan costume course.
The old website is no more and I am working on a new one – hopefully we’ll have that up in the new year. It will be more tuned towards marketing Lad for stud but our other stuff will be there too.
We finally got the floors polished and are very happy with the results – it looks really good and was the last big thing to do – although there are still a few smaller things to do before we’re ready to look at selling.