Lovely Days

Well I’m back at work but Nick’s been on holiday and has finally started planting trees. He’s done a couple of trays but we’re hoping to get some help and plant the rest of them out next weekend. When I got home on Thursday Nick suggested that we meet out there after work on Friday and have a picnic dinner so we did that and it was really lovely. A beaut warm evening and then yesterday (Sat) was a gorgeous hot day too and I rode Lad for about an hour while Nick planted some more trees.

Its been a while since I posted any pictures so here is one of Nick riding Lad from a few weeks ago.

Now that the weather is settling down a bit we should be able to get some hay cut which will be good for next winter. We’ve got about 6 acres or maybe a bit more to cut so that will be good. We’ve had to shut the steers away behind an electric fence because House has started this little habit of rushing at you if you turn your back on him. We think that he’s trying to assert his dominance but its a bit annoying. He runs off if you wave your arms at him and get big but even still. And as they’re in the centre paddock they’re right up to the main gate – so now they’re cut off just before the gate.