Easter was nice but the weather was mixed which at least has meant that Nick has been getting some workshop work done. The picture at right was taken a few weeks ago.

Highlights for me were finishing my blue silk corset, finally, which has taken me probably six+ months as its entirely hand-sewn (yes all the boning channels too) and also finishing my black/metal silk partlet which looks very cool (although I still have the matching wrist bands to make. I’ll post pictures some time. I still have to make some lacing cord for the corset but as Ballantynes no longer stock embroidery supplies and Fabric Vision have moved to behind the South City mall I no longer have a lunch-time walking-distance source of cotton. Highly irritating but I’ll stop at Fabric Vision after work tomorrow and buy some stuff there, as I also need lining taffeta for my new sleeves and forepart AND cloth for new garb for Sigurd AND I have a 20% discount that runs out on Sunday.

Had a really nice lunch with Dad, Pamela, Kate, Abs, Jemima and Grant on the Sunday and on Monday Nick and I went to West Melton and planted a few more trees. What we’re doing now is planting a few trees each weekend, replacing those that have died and filling in some gaps. We’ve planted some of Joan Isaac’s lancewoods that she brought down from Wellington for us and some pittosporums and more kanuka and wattle and gums for firewood.

We were supposed to get the next and hopefully final set of plans this week and the last quote for the barn from our builder but I’m not holding my breath.